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Bravo Montacargas is the owner of the trademark www.bravoseminuevos.com . Bravo Montacargas sells a wide variety of new and used forklifts. We Rent, Sell, and Service new and used ForkLifts. Our company began operations in October 2002 and now we have branches in several locations like Monterrey, Apodaca, San Luis Potosi, Saltillo, Guadalajara and Queretaro.

With a fast, aggressive, and controlled growth, we can proudly say that Bravo Montacargas is the best forklift dealer in the Mexican market. We have as a clients to most recognized companies in Mexico.

In Bravo, we have the largest inventories of used forklifts in Mexico. The Best Make, and a Great Service!

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What we sell?

This site contains mainly used forklifts.

Many of the hoist used for sale are those that are collected after being rented by different companies. Also, we have forklifts almost new. Many of them with just a few months of use. Even teams with few days of use, they were sent as demo. All these teams have been maintained and previously inspected by us.

For companies or businesses that do not invest much in a new forklift, this is the best option to get a cheaper forklift and work as a new one.

Forklifts, parts, hardware and services offered on this site can also be viewed at any of our branches.

Among our main clients include Cervecería Cuahutemoc-Moctezuma, Cía. Vidriera, Farmacias Benavides, Jonshon Controls,York Aire, Coca-Cola, Conductores Monterrey, Whirpool, Penske, among others.
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